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  • Ph.D., Textile Engineering, Seoul National University, 1985

  • M.S., Textile Engineering, Seoul National University, 1977

  • B.S., Textile Engineering, Seoul National University, 1975


  1. Professor, Dept. of Adv. Mater. Eng. for Information & Electronics, College of Engineering, Kyung Hee University (1980-2017)

  2. President, The Korean Fiber Society (2010)

  3. Journal of Spectroscopy and Dynamics, Member of the Editorial Board (2010-2012)

  4. The Open Analytical Chemistry Journal, Member of the Editorial Board (2008-2014)

  5. Center for Intelligent Materials & Systems, Dept. Mechanical Eng., Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA, Visiting Professor (2008~2009)

  6. Fibers & Polymers (SCIE, IF 2.5), Editor (2004~ present)

  7. Journal of Korean Fiber Society, Editor-in-chief  (1998~2003)

  8. Department of Polymer Engineering, The University of Akron, Akron, OH, USA, Visiting Professor (1997~1998)

  9. IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA, Visiting Scientist (1992~1993)

  10. CEMAG(Centro Studi Chimico-Fisici, di Macromolecole Sintetiche e Naturali, C.N.R.), Italy, Visiting Professor (1991~1992)

  11. Department of Polymer Science & Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA, Visiting Professor (1988~1989)


Research interests

  1. Smart textiles/Vital signal sensing & analysis from human body

  2. Polymer memories and organic field effect transistors

  3. Piezoelectric, piezocapacitive, and piezoresistive sensors

  4. Electrospinning application

  5. Organic photovoltaics/Dye Sensitized Solar Cells/ Nanogenerators

  6. Conducting polymers/Polymer electrodes

  7. Regenerated cellulose fiber from cotton pulp 

  8. Polymer nanocomposites

  9. Applications of vibrational spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction to polymer characterization

  10. Crystallization behavior of polymer

  11. Polymer blends

  12. Polymer recycling

  13. Functional finishing of textiles


 1994.04   제4회 과학기술우수논문상

 1994.11   제1회 최우수논문상수상 (경희대학교)
 2000.04   제 27회 한국섬유공학회상 수상
 2010.03   2010 경희대학교 Fellow 임명

                 (임명기간 2010.03.01.-2012.02.29)
 2011.04   공로상 (한국섬유공학회)
 2011.11   제 3 회 벤텍스 섬유상 수상

 2017.03   녹조근조훈장

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